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How to browse loveireland.com

We’re in love!

And by making it easy for you to look up and book tours the attractions that suit your needs, we’ve made it simple for you to fall in love with Ireland too.

find your Tour or Attraction

It’s easy! just choose what you are looking for from our menu of All Tours, City Tours, Day Tours or Attractions.

All Tours-All of the Tours and Attractions that we offer.

Day Tours –half day or longer tours around the country taking in all that Ireland has to offer.

City Tours-Shorter city based tours, perfect for those who want to stay in town.

Attractions– the sites and sounds of Ireland and all of the iconic places you want to visit.

Next select your location in Ireland. IMPORTANT! this is the tour departure, not it’s destination
Finally select which type of tour from our list, bus, night, rail, special offer or walking and you’ll get a list of tours that meet your criteria.

If you like, you can search just Tour type or just Tour type and Location, this will give you a better, but less precise selection.

Or you can just click the big City tour, Day Tour or Attraction windows to go straight into all the tours in each category.

For those who know exactly what they want, try the search bar.

Arrange your Tour or Attraction list

Once you have a list of tours you can arrange them according to our symbol system.

We’ve included little symbols with each tour to let you know which ones you’ll love more! Tours and attractions have at least one of these symbols each

Romantic Couples. Tour or attraction you and your significant other will enjoy, guaranteed.

Groups. Tour or attraction you can take a group on., please check your group details when booking these tours

Family friendly. Fun Tour or attraction you can take the kids on.

Night. Evening and night tour or attraction, usually for adults only

Free tour or attraction you can do ‘on the house’

Special offers. Tour or attraction with combination prices or special offers available

Energetic City breakers. Short and sweet tours or attraction for weekend city breakers.

Cultural Curious Explorer. Tour or attraction for those who just love soaking up culture.

Gateway to Nature Traveller. Tour or attraction for those looking to get away from it all and back to nature.

Book your Tour

Now that you’ve selected which tour best suits you, click the Book Now button to go directly to our safe & secure online booking system.

If an Tour or Attraction is free or if we can’t book if for you, the Book Now button will take you to the relevant page of that Tour or Attractions webpage.

Map, Reviews & Special Offers

  • We’ve included a Map to show you, where you each Tours or Attractions departure point and destination, the map will automatically show you the destination, zoom out to see the departure point. (Tour starts here sign)
  • You can check Trip Advisor to see reviews of the Tours or Attractions, we’ve included a few and you can also link directly to them.
  • Special Offers, If there are any special offers available with a tour you’ll see a special symbol on the picture and an explanation in the special offer tab, this way you can get the most from your trip to Ireland.

Enjoy your visit to Ireland & fall in love too.